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Many of us gals are shoe lovers and, for some, the shoes we wear on our wedding day are almost as important as the dress. So many things go into what we choose for our feet- color, they could be neutral to give more help accenting something else or bold to make a statement or show off personality- style, to go along with personality or your theme, and most important- comfort, because you may not have a chance to just sit.

Of course being in the Wild West for Colorado weddings, some of our awesome brides have chosen to sport the cowgirl boots on their wedding day in some way. Talk about comfort and style!

Our bride Katy did a mixture of heels and cowgirl boots on her big day. For the ceremony and pictures she wore the classic heel as her something blue. Once all the formalities were done, the bride, groom, and members of the wedding party had their dancing shoes waiting for them at the head table (either cowboy boots or flip flops given as gifts to the wedding party).

 Cowgirl boots give that punch of color, style that shows off a country girl’s personality, and comfort that no stiletto can give.

Photographer:  JM Photoart

Venue:  Highlands Ranch Mansion

Wedding Coordinator:  Storytellers Events

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Civil Unions Come to Colorado – Are you Ready to Get Married?

Congratulations to Colorado on recently passing same-sex civil unions! Let the ceremonies begin May 1, 2013!! (Ooh, and let us remind you that you’ll want a wedding planner ;) .  Colorado is the 15th state to pass recognition of same-sex civil unions granting protection under law to those in a same-sex civil union. This is pretty remarkable since in 1992, Colorado was named the “hate state” due to a ban which passed that year.

Along with this excitement, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on California’s Proposition 8 as well as DOMA.  The rulings on either of these two cases could give cause for even more celebration for same-sex couples here in Colorado. Here’s a quick reference to educate yourself on what Proposition 8 and DOMA actually are.

DOMA is the Federal Defense of Marriage Act of 1996. DOMA legally defines marriage between one man and one woman, denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages and gives each state the right to refuse recognition of same-sex marriage license from other states. The act was signed in 1996 by President Bill Clinton and since then, the former President and key legislators have changed their views and have advocated for DOMA appeal.  As of now, under the act same-sex marriages are denied federal benefits such as insurance benefits for government employees, immigration, social security survivor benefits and joint tax return filings. In 2011, the Obama Administration has stated the act as unconstitutional and although they will uphold the law, it will not defend the act in court. The United States Supreme Court is hearing an appeal in United States v. Windsor and oral arguments started March 27th.

Proposition 8 is similar to DOMA, but on a State level in California.  Proposition 8, signed in 2008, legally defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman as well. As a result of Proposition 8, the State of California no longer performs same-sex marriages. In 2010, United States District Court Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8 in the case Perry v. Schwarzenegger, ruling it violated both Due Process and Equality Protection clause of the US Constitution. February 2012, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel affirmed Judge Walkers decision that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. June 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court denied a rehearing in front of the whole bench and stayed the ruling pending appeal. July 2012 a petition was filed for the United States Supreme Court to review the case. In December 2012 the Court agreed.  March 26th oral arguments started and the Court is expected to issue its ruling by late June 2013.

Hope this was informative! Until next time…. Veronica

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The First Dance Demystified!

Being a Denver wedding planner and having been a professional ballroom dancer, many of our wedding couples have many questions regarding their first dance.  We are here to help answer those questions before you step foot on the dance floor.

How long is it going to take to learn a dance?

The answer to this question lies completely on you and your fiance.

Here are a few questions you want to discuss together before going for your first lesson:

1) What style of dance do you want to do?

You don’t have to get too specific with this answer, just have an idea on if you want to dance a ballroom style dance, which is partner dancing (for example a Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, Country Waltz, Argentine Tango, etc.), or do you want something more freestyle with the two of you doing movement along side each other (typically a jazz, hip-hop, or contemporary style)?

If you already have a song picked out, this will give direction to the style of dance (just ask your instructor).


2) How good do you want to be?

Do you want to have basic knowledge of  a couple of movements so you’re not doing the old high school sway? Or do you want a more professional grade dance with lots of movement around the floor?

For most couples learning a new dance style will take a month or more, regardless of whether you are looking to take your dancing a step above the ‘sway’ or if you want your first dance to be a highlight of the evening. Remember, planning a wedding can be stressful, add trying to learn a dance (with someone) in 4 hours right before the big day may not turn out the way you’d like. Give yourselves time to learn and perfect your moment first dance. I would recommend planning at least 3 months before the wedding so that you are prepared and have fun doing it.

How long should the dance be?

Trust me- dancing to the entire song at your wedding will seem like an eternity, so what I suggest is  to keep it anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes.  A few ways to end the dance in the middle of the song is either fade the music out (usually after the chorus), cut the music, or have your DJ/Band invite guests to join you on the dance floor.

How much is it going to cost?

This question depends on how good you want to be as well as  how much time you’re both willing to put in.  If you and your fiance are quick learners and you’ve decided to do this romantic and sensual Rumba routine, you’re going to need more lessons than if you just wanted 3  basic moves.

Typically, prices in the Denver area are widely spread out, you’re looking at about $60 – $125 /hr, depending on the studio. Independently owned studios generally have lower prices than franchise studios.

Learning to perfect a couple of moves will take about 4 lessons or cost a total of $240-$500 (depending on the studio).  I would guesstimate your romantic, sensual Rumba routine would take about 10 – 15 lessons, which can cost anywhere between $600 – $1,875.  Yes, it is an investment

How do I SAVE Money on the First Dance?

1)  Practice outside of the studio.

Practice makes perfect and it helps maximize the value of your money spent on your lessons. You’ll be able to learn more material or spend more time on making your movements look fluid when in a lesson, rather than relearning what you learned the previous lesson.

2) Sign up for Group Lessons.

Group lessons usually cost $10-15 an hour, so find the day and time where there is a group lesson in your style of dance, and go to it.

3) Contact us.

We have two ballroom dancers on staff who would be happy to help you learn your first dance.  And since we are not affiliated with a studio, we charge less per hour.

4) Bonus:  If you purchase one of our wedding planning packages, there is a further discount on the entire dance lesson package.

We hoped this helped. Please let us know if you have any further questions and we would be happy to answer them for you.


A special thank you to Selah Photography, JM Photography, and  Jenna Walker Photography for the photos on these pages.  You captured our wedding couples beautifully.

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Civil Unions passed in Colorado, awaiting House vote

All over the world today, an ever debated topic is same-sex marriage.  I am very passionate about this topic. My brother, and best friend, is gay. I also have a plethora of close friends and acquaintances who are gay and I strongly support their right to not only marry the one they love, just as I hope to do one day, but also be granted the same legal rights and responsibilities I will be given when I get married. In this blog, and a few coming up, I’m going to blog about topics regarding same-sex civil unions and marriages across the United States, Colorado and the world, recognition of marriages (same-sex and opposite-sex) performed outside of the United States, and how to support marriage equality for everyone.

Is a same-sex marriage legal in Colorado?

Colorado Senate passed the Colorado Civil Union Act in February. YAY!! The Colorado Civil Union Act grants committed same-sex couples with some, not all, legal protections and responsibilities as a marriage. Now, the bill still needs to pass through the full house, which is scheduled to take place March 11, 2013. It is expected to be passed! Woo-hoo!!

What is considered a civil union in our majestic state of Colorado? 

The definition of a civil union varies between states. Some states grant majority of the same rights and responsibilities as a marriage, where other states grant very little in comparison.  The Colorado Civil Union Act gives persons in a civil union the ability to take family leave to care for their spouse, insure a spouse under group benefit plans, make medical and end-of-life decisions for their spouse, the choice to adopt children together, among others.  To read exactly what protections, responsibilities, and legal benefits the bill provides, check it out here (there is a summary before the bill so you won’t need a law degree to cipher the hieroglyphs referred to as legal jargon ;-) .  This is a huge step for Colorado LGBT couples in their fight towards equality, and I am super duper excited about it! I can’t wait for there to be full marriage benefits, protections, and responsibilities recognized for any couple, regardless of gender, who love each other and want to make the marriage commitment!

So, what is the difference between a civil union and a marriage?

With focusing on Colorado, there are multiple differences between a civil union and a marriage. The majority of the differences lie in the distinction between federal law and state law. One difference is that in a civil union, once you cross Colorado state lines into another state, it is no longer recognized. Similarly, in regards to states where same-sex marriage is legal, because a heterosexual marriage is recognized nationally and even internationally, a same-sex marriage (as of now) is recognized in the state it is legally performed and a few states that recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages.

Another variance, come tax season, is when filing federal taxes you must file as a single if you are in a civil union, where married couples file jointly.  These are just two of many other differences that are hopefully to be under review soon when DOMA is looked over.

I hope this was a helpful tid-bit of information for you! Again, this is something I am passionate about, and I look forward to the day when everyone can marry the person they love, regardless of gender, and the world will recognize and respect that marriage. Until next time! :-)  -Veronica

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Parisian Glam | Bridal Wars | Storytellers Events Wedding in France

Hey there! I’m Veronica and I’m new to the Storytellers Blog entries. :-D Get used to me, I’m looking to be a repeat act! This is a bit late but, I will admit, I kind of wanted to see the pictures before I wrote this up.

Storytellers was invited to participate in a bridal show this January, but not just any bridal show, Colorado’s Wedding Wars Bridal Show.

This had your typical Bridal show characteristics; vendors, goodies, giveaways, and inspiration. Four teams participated in a City v. Mountains competition where we designed and brought to life different wedding ideas for couples and guests to vote on. The four designs were Modern Twist, Winter Wonderland, Western Chic, and Storyteller’s very own, Parisian Glam.  We had the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented individuals who came together to make a stunning vignette. This was quite an adventure and I wanted to take you along…

Our adventure started one night with Cielle and me brainstorming how to showcase our new international destination wedding packages at this new competitive Colorado Wedding Show.

After coming up with some interesting ideas, the words ‘Paris’, ‘unique’, and ‘glamorous’ were what we were left with. So, we all hopped on to Pinterest,

did some research and developed….Parisian Glam!

We were also looking for something realistic. Although we would love it, we knew not everyone attending would want their upcoming wedding to be a destination wedding in another country. Therefore, we wanted to show guests that you can have that destination feel right here in Colorado, and I don’t want to toot the horn too loud, but I think we did a pretty awesome job of demonstrating that! ;-)

We were looking for our design to say romantic just as a wedding in Italy or Paris, France says romantic.

We found a lot of inspiration in the traditional Parisian, Eiffel tower, black and white color scheme, but just like fashion in Paris, we wanted to really make it unique. The color combination of champagne gold, pale pink and a deep blood red was what we came up with.

Champagne since it is a French drink/region, pale pink for that innocent romance, and the pop of deep red for the excitement and passion surrounding Paris.  Now that we had a picture in mind we moved onto the next step of making this Parisian Glam come to life.  We wanted our design to say PARIS without all the Eiffel Towers everywhere so we got on the phone and email and started looking for talented companies we knew could make all this happen.



Now, you may not know this, but Suzanne and I are a little it of Disney freaks (Okay, a lot a bit- we have even both worked there!) and suckers for that ‘happily ever after’ story. So appropriate that we joined the “Storytellers Events” family.  Suzanne came up with the idea of doing a plan on words with our name and making this ‘Parisian Glam, a story which we are telling.’ So, here’s our story.



The day before the competition Cielle, Suzanne, and I looked at the space we had to work with, took and deep breath, and started creating…

Lighting and Design by Scott set the front cover, back cover, and spine of our story, with his lighting and his pipe and drape, transforming a plain brick wall and window in the binding of Storytellers’ very own fairy tale wedding.


From there we added the plot to our story with the help of Allwell Rents and their King’s Table, bistro table, Chiavari chairs, and dessert table.  Our fairy tale began to unfold at our bistro table with an intimate cocktail hour serving our “French Kiss” cocktail.  We hoped that it would be a comfy spot to take in the romantic feel of the Chandelier and bistro chairs from Chairs with Character.

The story traveled to a feast at our King’s Table, where our bride and groom dined with the high court, that started with an ivory tablecloth covered by a gold overlay, pale pink napkins made to look like the eiffel tower with gold beaded napkin rings, elegant glass-slipper inspired glassware, and gold Parisian designed dish and silverware. We added extra detail with the elaborate menu and place cards served by Fleur de Lis-A Paperie.

 The main course was truly this eye-catching and exotic centerpiece by The White Orchid! And on a side note, they also made the amazing handheld bouquet that had all the brides-to-be in awe!

Dessert, literally, doubling as our favors, were French macaroons from the fabulous Three Tomatoes Catering, wrapped and ready to go with travel with luggage tags.

The sweetest part of this love story, the dessert table was loaded with mouthwatering French desserts such as the croquembouche (or as we deemed ‘the cone’) since the other name is a mouthful), macaroons, petite fours and pastries from Three Tomatoes Catering.

Our Bride, dressed in a blush colored Maggie Sottero dress from The Bridal Collection, with her hair and make-up fit for the Paris runway by Steele the Spotlight, danced the night away enjoying her guests.

The happy couple’s story was captured through professional photography from Brooke Summer Photography.

and the bloopers from the perfect evening were captured in a photo booth from the ShutterBooth.

 Now everyone knows a really good story has a conflict and resolution. This fairy tale’s conflict was the competition. We worked hard cheering on those who voted Parisian Glam, but in the end we did not win the big prize. Alas, just as in every good fairy tale, the resolution was not winning the number one spot, it was the joining of new relationships and the coming together to create something beautiful. I think we had quite an adventure and I thank all those who played a part in making this vision of Parisian Glam come to life. Oh, and of course, they all lived happily ever after! :-D

 I hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as we did! Until next time…

Lighting and Decor:  Lighting and Design By Scott

Rentals: Allwell Rents

Chairs:  Chairs with Character

Flowers:  The White Orchid

Paper:  Fleur de Lis-A Paperie

Wedding Dress:  The Bridal Collection

Desserts:  Three Tomatoes Catering

Photography:  Brooke Summer Photography

Photobooth:  Shutterbooth

Music:  The Party Singers

Make-Up:  Steele the Spotlight

Specialty Draping: T’Da Design


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A Colorado Castle Wedding | 11:11 Wedding | Storytellers Events International Wedding Planning

When I first spoke with Zofia over the phone, I knew we were going to have some fun putting together this intimate wedding filled with vintage pieces, beauty, amazing design (the groom is a designer and owner of AMB3R ), Polish vodka (the bride’s family is from Poland of course), Jewish and Catholic traditions, a coffee bar (with coffee specially hand-brewed by the groom), Capoeira, and Bossa Nova dancing.

The couple wanted to spend time having fun with their family and friends coming into Colorado, so what better than racing cars at Speed Raceway the day before the wedding?  And all sporting their “Zofia and Jeremy” T-shirts designed by Jeremy himself (and they are super comfy to boot).

The invites?  Posters!

11:11.  They were originally planning on getting married on 11-11, but the groom undergoing cancer treatments they chose to postpone the wedding. Still wanting to honor 11:11 in their wedding, they officially sealed the deal with a kiss at 11:11 a.m at the Cherokee Castle and Ranch.  Yes, the ceremony was timed to the minute, with an extra long musical interlude (sung by the groom’s brother) to ensure the 11:11 timing.

The reception followed at the private home of their cousin in Sedalia- with a view of the castle in the background.  It was an evening filled with heartfelt toasts, capoeira references, a bossa nova father/daughter dance, Micheal Jackson moves, a can-can with family and friends, vodka toasts, heartfelt speeches, and delicious family style food.  It was a perfect merging of traditions, families, and what this couples loves to do.

As you said Zofia, you can now tell your kids you got married in a castle!  And a beautiful wedding it was.  I am sure your marriage will be just as beautiful.

Sedalia, CO








Sedalia, CO

Do they get any better looking?  And yes, the groomsmen are wearing ascots!

As you can probably guess, photography was ‘uber’ important to this couple, and when I laid several brochures/photos/business cards in front of Zofia, her eyes struck the business card/photo of Jackie with Selah Photography, and that was the one!  There was no other option.  So, thank you, Jackie, for the amazing photos.

Photography:  Selah Photography

Wedding Coordinator:  Storytellers Events

Ceremony Venue:  Cherokee Castle Ranch

Caterer:  Chef Jesse Mitchell

Flowers:  Littleton Downtown Floral

Dress: Celestial Bride

Groomsmen:  Express

T-Shirts:  Designed by Amb3r (yup- the groom)

Invites:  Designed by  Lacroix Design Co and Printed by Kangaroo Press

Lighting Props:  Lighting and Design by Scott

Event Rentals:  Colorado Party Rentals

Hair and Make-Up:  Mandi Combs

 Thank you to the entire team who made this weekend possible. Debi, you are included and a key person!

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A Parisian Bistro | International Event Planning | French Weddings

Inspired by hearing Marley Majcher speak and by reading her book, she asks you to dream up of your ideal office.  Office? Do I really want to be cooped up in an office?

After days of trying to ‘figure it out,’ I got it-

Being in an apartment in Paris…hanging out with the family, music is playing, there’s some sort of dancing going on, the smell of espresso is in the air (it’s clean of course, which does not happen at my house very  often these days)… and when I get the urge to work, I walk downstairs to the corner bistro and sit at a table, with my coffee, une patisserie, and my laptop.  Done.  That is my dream office.  A Parisian Bistro.

I shared my revelation with my husband (we do live in Colorado and not Europe).   And he did not laugh it off as I expected…instead he got practical and said, “yes, we can remodel downstairs (the basement) to look like a Parisian bistro for your office.”

Hmmm…. “Or, we could have a place in Paris ;) .”

My students (yes, I still teach a couple English Lit. classes at a university in the area-it’s in the blood) got a kick out of this when I somehow digressed and went on a tangent, which happens more often then I would like to admit.


Let’s fast forward to recently, and my amazing, most wonderful, good looking, and generous husband who is almost always right (yup, looking for some good karma here) got me a new macbook air for Christmas.  Who knew I could ever get so excited about a piece of technology? His incentive may have been to become a completely Apple filled household-  In any case, me = super excited.

Again, my students noticed my sleek new toy and one stated, “you have part 1 of your dream, now all you need is that apartment in Paris…”

I had totally forgotten that I had shared that with them, and that they remembered!  Even more so, that it could be true.  I had not related this laptop to being one step closer to my goal.  There may be something to this idea of vision boards…and sharing your visions/dreams/goals with other people (and I don’t think that voice in my head counts).

SO, here I am sharing it with all of you…in preparation that one day it will come true.

Here’s to moving one step closer.

Parisian bistro

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EPA Denver Happy Hour Meet-and-Greet

Abby Gantz Three Tomatoes Catering


An awesome group of professionals in the event industry came out to the EPA Denver Happy Hour at the Downtown Tavern.  Cool people, networking, 2 for 1 drinks, and laughter…not bad for a Thursday evening.


Kim Nodurft


Dale Scott (pictured above), with the Virtue Institute, will be leading our next educational event on career and financial coaching.  Our goal with EPA Denver is to empower professionals in our industry to reach the next level in their businesses, and we do this through educational programs (with a focus on the business aspect of what we do), business support, and networking/community building programs- and of course, we love to have fun while we do it!

I feel super privileged to be the president of this amazing association that is up to making a difference for people.  I am also in love with our board (below).  Thank you to Abby, Michael, Kim, Jenna, and Natalie for being so committed to creating this with me.

And a big ‘thank you’ to Christina Kiffney Photography for capturing the evening.

Cielle President of EPA Denver

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Our very own “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”- Elegant Style

When I first spoke with Jennifer and her mother, Angela, I knew I would love working with them.  How right I was!

Here was a mother-daughter team who had created and envisioned the entire event, and who wanted someone they could trust who could make their vision come to life.  I was honored (and super excited) that they asked me to be the one to do it.

I loved how they incorporated Greek tradition to their Colorado modern wedding style.  I had a moment of pure bliss (yes, I did have a silly grin on my face as the photographer noticed), when I was by their bundt cake, complete with florals in the center, and they began Greek dancing in several circles in the middle of the dance floor.  I felt as if I was experiencing the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I loved every moment.  I sort of wanted to nudge someone, instead, I did a little dance in place.

The details were perfect- from the yellow aisle runner as guests walked into the Denver Art Museum for the reception, to the floral centerpieces, to the gobo, to the menus, to the Jordan almond filled favor boxes (yup, a tradition).  Seeing it all come together in such a great space made me happy.

Favorite part of the evening:  Having the mother-of-the-bride peek into the reception space before we opened the doors from cocktail hour and state that it was exactly what she had hoped for!  That, and experiencing the love between the bride and groom, and the bride’s sisters (all 4 of them!).

Jennifer, John, and Angela, I loved working with you.  It came together with such ease and fun, and that is truly what you created for the evening.

Nothing Bundt Cakes


Ceremony Venue:  Assumption Cathedral

Reception Venue:  Denver Art Museum

Rentals:  Butler Rents

Flowers:  D’Clement Custom Florist

Lighting:  Design Works

Photography:  Pixil Studio via George Street Photographers

Videographer: Matt Griebel

Band:  Moment’s Notice

Bundt Cakes:  Nothing Bundt Cakes

Transportation:  Ramblin Express

Wedding Coordinator:  Storytellers Events


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Event Planners Association Denver Launch- A Night Circus

Storytellers Events had the opportunity to design the decor for the Event Planners Association Denver chapter launch.  The launch began with an intensive workshop at the Artwork Network led by party goddess extraordinaire, Marley Majcher.  She focused on  not falling into the small business trap of not making any money.

Black, white, and red, the theme colors of the night, were the only colors used in the launch.  The Space Gallery in Denver was transformed into a scene from the novel The Night Circus.  People in the events industry gathered to seek advice, find out what EPA is all about, and to network with each other.

As people filed into the gallery, they were welcomed by ‘night circus’ dancers from Melonlight Dance and music provided by DJ One Shoe.  Guests continued through the black and white draped room filled with lighted mystic trees, provided  by Allwell Rents and Lighting and Design by Scott, to find sweet and savory crepes from The Gourmet Kitchen, and red velvet cupcakes and whoopie pies by The Sugar Bakeshop (Delicious!).  They finally reached the umbrella filled space where the main event would take place, many thanks to Splendor.  The celebrity Party Goddess, Marley Majcher, the guest speaker of the night, taught her audience how to “raise their prices without raising their prices,” truly an eye-opening lesson in business.

As the party started to wind down, people began to exit where they entered with favors of chocolate chip cookies (from the Sugar Bakeshop) and bookmarks created by Fleur de Lis- A Paperie.   A night of black and white proved to paint the town red.

It is such a privilege to be the president of this amazing group and its mission to support small businesses grow in their success!

Storytellers Events

Night Circus tent

lighting and design by Scott







cookie favors

Thank you so much to all of the vendors who participated.  The evening was a success, and we could not have done it without all of your help.  A special thank you goes out to Selah Photography for capturing the evening, and to lead designer, Leah Boucher, who envisioned a unique design for the space. 
P.S.  Thank you, Mariah, for helping me write this post!

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